Bouncy Boxing

With its gigantic, soft boxing gloves and matching headgear, it's the safest way to box while bounce!

Big Bounce.

Great fun for young
and old alike.

Why Bouncy Boxing?

 Seek revenge and get away with it.

The Bouncy Boxing arena’s inflatable base and huge walls combined with the epicly huge Boxing gloves and headsets means it’s the perfect opportunity to give family and friends a biff without the long term repercussions.

 Safest boxing ring in town.

From the gloves to the headgear, all of our equipment is checked regularly so that no one comes away with a sore experience from our classic attractions.

 Draw a crowd.

You don’t need to be an elite, dojo martial art specialist to have fun with our Bouncy Boxing. People from all ages have enjoyed being to jump away from a slow-motion punches, foam-filled uppercuts and bouncy wrestles.

Competitive Price

With prices that are no Mechanical bull, we’ll have something to suit any party or event at practically any price. To find out more click here.

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