Horizontal Bungee Run

Nearly got it, nearly got it.. GONE. The Bungee Run delivers hilarious results while offering exceptional fun for riders.

Dual it out.

The Horizontal Bungee Run
is famous for fun.

Why a Horizontal Bungee Run?

 Head to head thrills.

Strap yourself in for the unexpectedly huge rush that’ll take your breath away. Tough it out against your opponent as you try to claim tokens, all while our 50mm thick, Australian ISO-certified bungee cables steal the grip from under your feet.

 The safest run in town.

Our bungee runs are different technically to our competitors. Where some use thinner bungee ropes and poorly made carabiner clips, we use the best quality bungee ropes, softer harnesses and high-quality, high-tensile and highly-agile carabiners and rock-climbing equipment that ensures both the cable and the rider are never in danger.

 Hours of fun.

Take on your neighbour, best mate, wife, boss – whoever it is, you won’t be short on opponents to take on the incredible Horizontal Bungee Run. It’s also great for ages 10 and up, too.

Competitive Price

With prices that are no Mechanical bull, we’ll have something to suit any party or event at practically any price. To find out more click here.

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