Gladiator Duel

It's just you versus your opponent as you try to nudge your opponent off their podium (without falling first).

Timeless fun.

Who didn’t want to be
a Gladiator like on telly?

Why a Gladiator Duel?

 It’s all or nothing.

Two tall, super-soft podiums are sorrounded by a huge inflatable bed below as you and your opponent attempt to jib, jab and swipe each other off the neighbouring opponent’s podium, without falling prey yourself.

 Foam impact for 100% safety.

With specially made, handcrafted headgear to custom designed jousting poles, the Gladiator Duel is designed to be super safe.

 Perfect for birthdays.

While being large enough to take any roll, tumble or fall, the Gladiator Duel’s cushy inflatable bed is the perfect size for backyard 18th’s.

Competitive Price

With prices that are no Mechanical bull, we’ll have something to suit any party or event at practically any price. To find out more click here.

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