Mechanical Bull

Bigfun's signature attraction, our premium-quality European Mechanical Bulls.

Seriously no Bull.

Built tough, to the highest European safety standards.

Why a Mechanical Bull?

Awesome ride experience.

Our team are trained to offer individual, custom experiences matched to the capability of the rider, meaning every match with our bull is better then the last. And what’s more, all of our Mechanical Bulls are fitted with huge digital displays, so family, friends and colleagues can battle it out for the best time.

 Built with safety in mind.

Our Mechanical Bulls are always imported in from Great Britain, and never, ever anywhere else, like China. Why? While the Chinese, for example, make great tellies and iPhones, Europe’s safety standards, which are considered amongst the strictest in the world, mean our bulls are built tough and are safer and more suited for a wider audience.

 Great fun for riders and observers alike.

Our team don’t just operate the bull, they bring the ride to life. Our Mechanical Bull is an exceptional spectacle that draws massive crowds both young and old.

Competitive Price

With prices that are no Mechanical bull, we’ll have something to suit any party or event at practically any price. To find out more click here.

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