Sumo Suits

Ready, set, go! Wrestle it out with our signature, premium-quality gigantic Sumo Suits and tumble onto our specially designed Sumo mats!

Indoors or outdoors.

It’s the attraction you
can take anywhere.

Why Sumo Suits?

 Choose. Fight or Flight.

The Sumo Suits have always been a buck’s party and corporate event favourite, letting guests compete in a series of rounds that produces photo finishes.

 Made for endurance.

The entire ride is thought out from top to bottom to minimise injury. Whether it’s a specially designed hand-mit that prevents grabbing or sudden tossing or headgear that prevents serious impact, we use only the best Sumo Suits to keep our guests safe.

 Made for fun.

Our team are always there to help create the perfect battle environment. From the countdown to the score keeping, our team are trained in the fine art of keeping Sumo Suits a safe event while maintaing a fun environment.

Competitive Price

With prices that are no Mechanical bull, we’ll have something to suit any party or event at practically any price. To find out more click here.

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